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WebBabel is a web application that uses python and OpenBabel to convert files from one format to another, or browse for files containing molecular structures. It runs under Windows, Mac or Linux on your desktop, workstation or laptop. It uses the Jmol (or Marvin) viewer to show the structures being converted. The user interface is a web page in your browser.

WebBabel requires OpenBabel, python, and the OpenBabel python bindings. These must be installed on the computer (desktop, workstation, laptop) where WebBabel will be run. To use the add3D option to attempt to create 3D coordinates, OpenBabel 2.2 (or later) must be used. To display structures read (or converted) from the input file, WebBabel can use either the Jmol or Marvin applet. Jmol is included here and may be used without further ado. For WebBabel to display any structures, Your browser must be capable of running java applets.

Applications availablei in WebBabel: